Thursday, July 13, 2006

right. my computer is now unbroken and i have a little scanner. so yay and hurray i can grace you with my online presence once more. i finish one little book, "the ballad of dmitri domokos". it is pretty cute. i stiched all of the pager together on wax paper and old paper bags. sounds messy, but it gives it this antique/crafty/tacky feel. it is what i like. so i have been keeping busy, very busy. i have also started working on an illustrated dream book. basically i draw out (in sequential form) all of the dreams that i have. i would like to continue this for about a year...maybe i will have a giant archive of my dreams. here is one of the pages. it is a dream i had about a giant jungle alligator thats skin shedded into millions of tiny white flowers. the jungle people woudl harvest these flowers and rejoice for their good fortune. my dreams are so ridiculous.

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right. i will continue posting my dreams for you. my pets.
i will also be in the boston area for the first week of august.

Monday, July 03, 2006

well, i just got back from my very first comic book convention. hoo-rah. it actually went very well. to my suprise people really enjoy my ugly little drawings. my studio, fat man & little boy comics did very good as well. as we should have, since we rock so much...yes. i sold almost all of my books and sold even more paintings than i had brought, which ment i was behind my booth or in my hotel room always painting. how fun it was! i think i am gong to start painting some full color illustrations for "an anthology of alphabetical alliterations" and one day turn it into a real and fully-colored book. how fancy would that be? so thats my project, along with a hundred more, for this summer. keep reading.. i will post updates and as soon as i get a scanner within my grasp i will post paintings and drawing and everything that is good.
so until then, have fun on that fourth of july. set someting on fire for me. i will be setting things on fire for you.