Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i have hundreds of little pages scattered about the floor. the books are almost done. entitled "the anthology of alphabetical alliterations". they should be cute when done. we leave at 3 in the morning, thurseday, well friday i guess. if you want to get right down to it. i will spend the rest of the day painting, and the rest of the night swimming in the ocean. maybe watch a hungarian film. or write backwards some more. once i get home from this convention i am going to start writing more stories so i can make more books. i am thinking a 50's beat style for one. burroughs used to write, then cut up his work and put it back together. i could do that, with text and image. maybe i will. no, i will. yes. for certain.
i am excited for the dirty motel. 1.5 stars....fantastic.
my work space is getting out of control. this is what it looked like a week ago.
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now it is 10 times worse, tiny pages, brushes, ink, glue, needles and thread, jars full of shredded paper. everywhere. it is aweful. but then again, bacon's studio was far worse and he was amazing. but also an alcoholic. ahh yes.
here is one more drawing.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

here is my first blog. there is not to much to report., there is everything to report, but not to much i want to write.
i will be in north carolina on friday and saturday with my studio at the heros comic book convention. we have a booth, i will be selling my brand new alphabet book and a few paintings. that should be neat. until then i will be sitting in my little cave of a room cutting and folding and sewing pages together to makes said alphabet books. so that is that and this is this. i will leave you with a preview of my book.

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this is dmitri domokos, a deer with a dreadful case of dyslexia.